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How does activity completion work?
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Understanding Activity Completion.

Located on the right side of the heading bar when you open your course is a tooltip link that explains the different settings in activity completion. Click on the question mark to open this tooltip.


The screenshot shows activity completion boxes with a solid border, which is located to the right of the activity in the course. The solid border indicates the student must manually mark it; the system will not mark it automatically. Click on the box to tick the inside of the box. This indicates you have completed the requirements, or indicates your understanding of the materials.


The condition based activity completion box will have a dotted border. This indicates the box is marked automatically when the student satisfies the conditions for completion configured on the activity. The conditioned based activity completion will be configured for coursework, such as forums, assignments and exams.

The typical condition for completion on a discussion forum is one discussion topic posting and two substantive replies to other student’s posts. When you have met these conditions the system will automatically tick the completion box.

The typical condition for completion on an assignment is submitting to the assignment. When you submit to the assignment the system will automatically tick the activity completion box.

The typical condition on an exam will be “the student must receive a grade to complete the activity”. This will be when the student completes the exam, if the exam is composed of true/false and/or multiple choice questions. Essay based questions will require the instructor to manually grade the.question and enable the system to calculate your final grade.However, typically the exam will allow for two attempts, and accept the higher of the two attempt scores.


Special Note: Activity completion does not indicate you have met the academic requirements for any activity. For example, you may have submitted to an assignment, but your instructor may request a revised submission. You may have completed the exam, but failed the exam. Therefore, activity completion is a tool for the student to measure their progress in satisfying the requirements for the coursework, but does not directly impact their grade in the course.

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