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How to install Office 365
Last Updated 4 years ago

If you are a CIU student and have a CIU email address you are entitled to install Office 365 for free.
Login to you CIU email address at and click on the red square in the left corner of your browser window.


A menu will open up listing your available Apps. Click on the link named "Office 365".


image Important note: If you have an un-activated trial version of Office 365 installed on your system, you will need to uninstall it prior to installing Office 365 from your mailbox.

Click on the "Install Office apps" drop down menu in the right side of the browser window and choose Office 2016. It will download an installation file. (*Note: Your current operating system should be detected. A .dmg file will be downloaded for Mac OS users, and a .exe file for Windows users).Run the downloaded file to begin the installation.The installation should take approximately 15 minutes.
Users with android devices can go directly to to download office 365 app for their mobile device.


After the installation completes launch the Outlook app and sign in with your email address and password. You may be prompted several times to enter in your school email address and password to activate your Office 365. It will take several minutes to setup your outlook mailbox and profile. If you have issues activating Office 365 download and run the Microsoft Support and Recover Assistant for Office 365. You can download it from this link. If this is unable to solve your issue, contact CIU support at

You can request a CIU email address from technical support if you are currently a CIU student and do not have a CIU email address.

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