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The Boost theme in the LMS features a toggle menu on the left side of the browser. Click on the icon
image , located in the top left of the browser, to show or hide this menu. Hide the menu when you have need for additional window space.


Click on the gear icon in upper right of course header to open additional options.

Click on the “Moodlerooms Grader” link to view an alternative view of your assigned grades for completed coursework. You can view your grading rubric, download the uploaded file, and leave a comment.
Click on the “Moodlerooms Reports” to view reports pertaining to your course activity, such as forum posts, assignment and quiz submissions link.

Click on the user photo in the upper right corner of the browser to see additional options, to edit your profile, student preferences and to log out of your current session. The profile link will allow you to upload a picture to your student account. Click on the Profile link and choose ‘Edit profile’ to upload a photo of yourself. If you wish to change your email address send a request to change personal information on the Student Portal. This request of personal information form is located in the left panel menu under My Profile / My Information.

The Preferences link allows the student to customize their preferences for their student account.

The Boost theme is designed to display well on mobile devices, such as a smart phone or tablet. When you view a course in the Boost theme (depending on your screen resolution or width of current browser window), it will move the right panel blocks to the bottom, or the blocks will simply disappear.

Download the Moodle Mobile app to use with your smart phone device. You will need to logon directly to the Learning Center. If you do not know your credentials to login to the Learning Center directly, create a support ticket at Note: The right panel blocks will not be accessible in Moodle Mobile.

The Boost theme is designed with accessibility in mind, so you can post to forums, view topic threads, contact other people in the course, view the course gradebook, attempt quizzes, browse the content of your courses – all on your smart phone.

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