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How to use the Quckmail block
Last Updated 2 years ago

The Quickmail block allows students to email their instructors or other members of the course. The Quickmail block will appear in the right panel of your browser and will have the following options.

1.Compose New Email: Compose a new email to be sent out to the selected recipients.

2.Signatures: Define a signature to be appended to your sent email

3.View Drafts: You have an option to save drafts when composing an email, and view them later.

4.View History: The View History options lists all the emails that you have sent.

5.Alternate Emails:This allows the user to define an alternate email, that will appear as the “Reply-To” address on messages sent from Quickmail. The user must choose the Alternate email from the drop down list for the “From” field , when composing the email. Any replies to the message will go to the Alternate email address. Messages sent to the student will continue to go to the email address set on their Learning Center profile.


How to send an message with Quickmail.

Click on the Compose New Email link to open the email composition screen.


Fill in the Subject and type your message in the Message text box.


If you defined a signature , you can choose a signature from a drop down list. Choose whether to receive a copy to “you the sender”. You have an option to Send the Email , Save a Draft or Cancel the message.

Note: The Learning Center does not act as an email client. Email messages sent to you will be received on you email client that you use to connect to your personal email account.


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